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Why your Website Needs to be Mobile Ready to Power your Business?

In today’s world, where there is more people accessing the web from a mobile device as compared to a PC, it is really important to make your business’ website mobile friendly as well. Customers all over the world are more and more using mobile phones to search for products and services. Mobile friendly means your website will be the same as it is on your computer or laptop, but it would function as it should on a mobile phone. This means that a mobile ready site is optimized in such a manner that you can view the page on a phone without having to zoom in.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Why you should opt for mobile friendly websites?

There is immense growth in the number of mobile Internet users worldwide and it is growing rapidly. There is a study by Morgan Stanley Research, Berg Insight and Boston Consulting Group, which projected that the number of people using mobile devices will increase exponentially over the next five years.

There are now reasonably priced Smartphone devices which have taken over the market in most developing countries and the number of users has increased in the past five years.

There have also been recommendations by Google regarding Responsive Web Design and how it is a great practice for businesses to adapt to this changing market. Responsive web sites leads to better overall performance as visitors find it relatively easier to share content from their mobile phone as compared to a desktop website. It has become easier for companies to manage mobile websites which have a specific SEO campaign. You can optimize the main keywords that your visitors may use on their mobile phone.

If your business is mobile friendly, it is also guaranteed to bring in more customers. It is beneficial for small businesses to start this as they will have more visitors on their website with time.

How does mobile friendly website help commerce and sales?

Users nowadays are opting for online purchases as it saves both money and time. Shopping on your mobile has become more common than even window shopping. Businesses can bring in more customers if they offer their products and services on a mobile phone. A mobile website which is unfriendly will be a detriment to your business and customers might stop engaging with your business.

Innovation is the key in any business. If your mobile website is glitch free and it loads swiftly, customers would want to buy more from you. It is all about how you innovate.

Many small and medium sized businesses might lose on revenue if they do not opt for mobile websites. It also helps tremendously with your social media campaigns. This in turn makes your business popular. If you have an active social media platform then your users will get direct links to the mobile website and that means more activity.

There will be new sales opportunities for you, which you might miss when you opt for a conventional business website. It is also relatively cheaper and simple.


Innovation is the key in any business. It is all about how you innovate.

It becomes clear that a mobile friendly website will do good for your business in the long run. It also helps with your business’ online marketing strategy.

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