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The Best Tools To Help You With Keyword Research For SEO

If you can get good at the art of finding right keywords for your business, you will not only benefit from more search engine traffic but also know your customers better than your competition. Keyword research is at the core of any SEO, PPC or content marketing campaign. If you are not bidding on or using the right keywords, you are not serving the right content to the right audience at the right stage in the buyer journey. This means less traffic, leads, customers, and less revenue for your business. However, Keyword research is a vast ocean of possibilities and you may need help in deciding the range of keywords to optimise your SEO as well as a page’s rankings. As a leading provider of SEO Services in San Diego, we have compiled a list of tools which can help expand the range of keywords. While some of these tools are free, others have pricing models.

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Google Keyword Planner


Once considered the end all and be all of keyword research, Google’s default keyword tool does give you a lot of options for keyword related optimisation. This tool is free to use, and it is designed for paid advertising campaigns (as opposed to SEO or content marketing campaigns)—but you can easily work around that. Enter in a handful of phrases relevant to your brand, and you will be able to decide not only the search volume for those keywords, but also the relative amount of competition that’s currently fighting over them.

Moz's Keyword Explorer


This is another free tool that is purported to be more accurate compared to Google. This tool will give you more detailed keyword recommendations and will qualitatively rate the cumulative value of each keyword you enter.


A free tool that is not as robust as Google or Moz’ tools, Ubersuggest strength lies in helping you come up with more keyword ideas. Relying on the same system that powers Google’s own keyword suggestions, simply enter any query into Ubersuggest’s engine and you’ll be met with a list of dozens of keyword suggestions. These won’t be recommended based on search volume, competition, or potential value—but they will help you come up with more specific, relevant, diversified ideas for your campaign. It’s a must-have tool in the beginning of your campaign, especially if you’re inexperienced with keyword research to begin with.



Soovle takes a similar approach as Ubersuggest, but with one critical difference; it relies on the auto-suggest features of several different engines at once, including Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and Answers. You won’t find the sheer quantity of recommendations here that Ubersuggest will offer, but there’s no beating its diversity. This is especially useful if you plan on marketing your content or brand on different platforms, such as listing your products on Amazon or developing your own YouTube channel.



This is one of the most common choices among SEO professionals. Freshkey is a paid software but it gives you a great deal back for the investment with the variations, synonyms and more to help optimise your page. It also ranks the keywords on popularity so you know which ones to put on a higher priority.

Adwords Display planner


This was the replacement for the YouTube Keyword tool and came into being in 2014. This tool is more than a keyword research tool as it is especially effective in tagging videos to certain keywords. However, you could use this in the normal sense i.e. for keyword research. It also offers valuable insight into the audience demographic and interest, allowing you to create highly customised display campaigns. This is a free tool, but you would need an AdWords account to have access to it.

Wordstream's Keyword Tool


Another excellent tool for keyword research, Wordstream’s Keyword Tool allows you to do research for both SEO and PPC keywords. This tool is extremely effective for group ad launches as it allows you to bundle multiple groups of keywords according to specific themes to make targeting better. The first thirty searches on this tool are free with a 7-day free trail, but you will have to sign up on the WordStream Advisor to continue after that.

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