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How to Maximize Growth of eCommerce for Your Business

When you look back on the last few years, it is clear how far eCommerce has grown and become an integral part of any business. With the rapid advancement of technology, changing consumer behaviour, and increased mobile activity are only some of the critical factors that have contributed to this growth. Clearly eCommerce is not slowing down and it is important to know what businesses should be doing to stay ahead of this trend and competition

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Enhanced User Experience

The biggest trends in ecommerce this year will centre around reducing user effort and improving the online customer experience. The causes of cognitive load can usually be traced back to three main factors; too many choices, too much thought required or lack of clarity. Any tools that can reduce online friction and simplify the user’s input are going to be huge. Like everything in UX and web design, less is more. After all, the less users must think about your interface or design, the more they can focus on accomplishing their goal on your website

  • With a variety of options available in various online stores, users usually tend to flip from one site to another. To prevent customers to switch over to your competitors in the field, your website should appear visually attractive and easy to use.
  • With an increase used of mobile devices, it is important that the user’s data is synchronised and easily accessible across all devices. This lets users to avoid starting afresh every time he or she logs in through a different device and consequently enhances sales.
  • Attractive deals, offers and shopping credits would also inevitably ensure that your customers return.
  • Personalising websites to cater to the needs of the customers, allowing a seamless shopping experience that is like physical shopping and shifting through products at a brick and mortar store are essential for a rewarding user experience that enhances your site’s credibility.

Easy Check Out and Returns

The easier it is for customers to make payments using multiple methods, the better it is for the ongoing success of an eCommerce store. Faster check out processes, multiple methods of payment, enabling the use of mobile wallets, and gift cards are some of the ways on which eCommerce sites need to rely on to stay ahead of the other competitors in this vast field.

The consequent delivery of products in the shortest amount of time possible, offering clients the option to avail same day deliveries with an additional return policy also goes a long way in establishing site credibility. According to the Journal of Marketing Research, providing efficient delivery options that involve hassle free pick-ups, refunds and exchanges increases a user’s loyalty for the site as they get the confidence to go ahead with the purchase without second thoughts.


The customer journey is fragmented and chaotic so it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to be front and centre when people are willing to engage. One-way merchants can do this is to specifically take note of moments of opportunity in the buyer’s journey to deliver the best content for the buyer’s needs.  To take advantage of these moments, brands need to be available, practical, and timely.

It is through branding that eCommerce sites can successfully convey to their customers what their business is about and how it differs from their competitors. Branding and promotions give users a clear idea of the exclusive services and the kind of products that can be expected from your company. Branding is of utmost importance to efficiently attract your target audience.
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