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How to Make your Website Mobile Ready

Mobile websites are a great way to boost your business. It is cheap, and not time consuming, so there is a good ROI. With a mobile friendly website, you are guaranteed to bring in more customers as research has shown that people now tend to buy a lot of things on their mobile phones. It is a great way to boost your business.

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How to make your website mobile friendly?

Instead of creating two different sites, you should create a single site that will work perfectly on your mobile as well as your computer. It would be better for you as it would cost you less, and it would be less troublesome for your customers as well. Make it elegant and ensure that it is user friendly at all times.

Try for a mobile app as well as a mobile website, which would give the customers the chance to decide which one they want to visit. If they do not want to download the app, they can always go back to the mobile website. A hybrid solution would work as well for certain businesses.

You can rebuild your existing website using an adaptive and responsive design. Adaptive design is used by big companies that target a larger audience, whereas responsive design is an affordable solution that uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This will create a single version of a website that would be displayed on mobile phones.

Also, test your navigation buttons and links on your mobile website. This is because most people have different sized fingers and that has to be taken into account while you are developing your website.

Since the form factor and screen size is smaller onĀ  a mobile device as compared to a desktop or a laptop, you have to ensure that your information is passed on the visitors properly. Reduce the content and increase the visual elements. It is already known that visual element is processed faster by the human brain and this will be a practical solution for you.

Always make sure that you give importance to your media queries. Try to create custom style rules which will appear when a visitor views it on a mobile website. It should not be too small for your desktop website. Customize it according to the platform which you are using.

Use fonts which give your mobile website a professional look. This will appeal to more people. Make it appealing to the eye as this is what attracts customers.


If you get the right technology, then it will be really easy for you to create an amazing mobile website content. There should be easy access for the visitors and it should save their time as well.

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