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Why Quality Web Design and SEO are Important for Dental Practices

Why Quality Web Design and SEO are Important for Dental Practices

Providing a beautiful, attractive and picture-perfect smile is what you thrive for. Make sure to present the same image for your online presence through a clear and attractive website that makes a great professional impression. Patients, before turning up at your clinic, expect to get information about your expertise, your services, your credentials, and your testimonials. They expect all this to be presented to them smoothly in a simple structure. The moment they get the vaguest impression that your online presence is not of high quality, they might assume the same about your practice.


You may have a sleek and well-made website, but if your clients can’t find it in Google search results, then that website isn’t worth much.

Here at SMA2Z Digital Marketing in San Diego, we understand what it takes to transform clicks into patients. We thrive to put a smile on your face with amazing websites and high quality SEO that drive patients to your door.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a brief list of the top 8 most important steps to take in developing a professional web presence that makes an impact.

#1. Have a Sleek, Beautiful and Professional Website

Most patients look at you through your online presence for the first time. It is important to have a clean, modern and informative website.

#2. Focus on Being Mobile-Friendly

More and more patients use their mobile devices to look up information about you. It is important to have a website that works well on all these devices and not just on desktops. Being mobile-friendly not only lets your patients learn about your quickly in any device, but also helps with your search rankings.

#3. Optimize Your Local SEO

Dental offices’ biggest competition comes from similar offices in the local area. Use your blog and Social Media to connect with local people and issues. Research your rankings. Be present on Google My Business, Local Maps, and local online reviews, etc. Implement SEO on and off your website to capture and convert more leads searching for services similar to yours, into your patients.

#4. Engage with Patients Outside their Office Visits

Great service comes in many forms outside the actual treatment. Sending a birthday wish, reminding about upcoming appointments in non-intrusive ways, announcing about new services or offers or sharing recent successful smiles, are all various ways to engage with patients.

#5. Maintain Useful, Engaging & Up-to-date Content

Having a regularly updated social media sites, blogs, websites with useful content that is relevant to your local patients and community is a great step towards this goal.

#6. Avoid Flash Elements on Your Website

Flash elements have a lurid character to them. They degrade your site’s usability, and the information they contain is invisible to search engines. Flash used to play an important role in the rise of the internet, but now it is a bad choice and is detrimental to your SEO, it is blocked by major browsers and it does not render well in mobile devices. It’s important to use high resolution, professional quality images and videos on your website that are not hindered by Flash.

#7. Manage Your Online Reputation 

Being active on social media means opening yourself up to criticism, but it also gives you the chance to respond to that criticism in a way that shows your audience that you can respond positively to it. It is important not to let your critics go unanswered.

#8. Talk to Someone Who Can Help

Digital Marketing for Dentists

Your focus is on bringing a happy smile to your patients. We are here to help you to handle all the rest needed for your online presence. For more information on SMA2Z can do for you, contact us today.

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