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A Sneak-Peek into the Latest Mobile App Development Trends

In today’s world, life without a high-brand smartphone almost seems impossible. From bagging clothes to ordering your favorite food and hiring a cab, nothing can be carried out with ease without a smartphone. Whatever maybe the mobile device that we all carry, it has turned a real backup to a need, by simplifying our day-to-day tasks and changing our outlook towards information at our fingertips at all times.

An array of mobile apps has reared their heads, courtesy the growing usage of the smartphones and tablets. So staying up-to-date with the latest trends of mobile app development is no longer a mere option, but rather, it has become a necessity. Let’s take a look at the top mobile app development trends that are important in the current market.

Mobile App Development Trends

Implementation of Cloud Technology

The cloud computing technology has already proven its effectiveness in information and technology sector. It is now fueling a revolution in the mobile app development industry. The trend of developing app has concentrated more on the ability of developing, integrating and synchronizing apps. The cloud technology is definitely helping developers in introducing functionality, which can be compatible with the different type of mobile devices.

Security in Mobile Apps

More than 75% mobile apps do not go through any kind of security tests. The modern hackers are adapted to target plenty of known security gaps available in most of the mobile applications. Mobile applications can contain a lot of sensitive and confidential information and protecting that information should be the most preferred priority for app developers. They should develop technologies to prevent unintended leakage of data or any kind of security breach within mobile applications.

Mobile Banking and mCommerce

Commerce through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet are growing at a great pace. According to market analysts, this rising trend will continue as more and more people will start to rely on m-commerce solutions. Smart mobile devices and advanced mobile applications have made the process of transferring money and purchasing products easy for modern consumers. However, to make the trend more efficient and user-friendly, developers should introduce apps that can enable consumers to purchase products without any cash or plastic payment modes.

Upgraded Enterprise Apps

The practice of developing and deploying mobile application has become more common even for big enterprises across the world. This has triggered a huge surge in enterprise mobile app stores that allows companies to get rid of those unused and ineffective apps eating up their time and investment. Today, many enterprise app stores collaborate with public stores so that they can target a wide range of consumers.


With the growth of mobile app development, the primary technology for numerous enterprises is a “hybrid” stack today. That is why the HTML 5 standard and many other relevant tools are in huge demand within the industry.

Developers have concentrated more on using the hybrid framework such as Intel XDK, Mobile Angular or Sencha Touch rather than working only on native apps. An app developed with hybrid framework can support multiple platforms and reach to a huge user base.

In conclusion, mobile app development is one of the busiest trends in the information technology sector today. As the time will pass on, users will be introduced to more and more advanced mobile applications that can be utilized for every practical purpose in everyday life.

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